Thank you for purchasing a Game Time Schedule Watch! You've come to the right place to download the schedule for your team.

Follow These Instructions To Download and Update The Schedule On Your Watch

Important Note: The schedule update is PC-compatible only and has been tested for Windows XP and Vista systems. Windows 7 users may have to run the file in "XP Compatibility Mode".

  1. Download the schedule file to your computer by clicking on the schedule link below.
  2. Be sure to save the file to a location on your computer (we recommend you save it to your desktop).
  3. Using the supplied USB cable, connect the USB end to any USB port on your computer. Then connect the clip end to the watch. Make sure that the 5 gold prongs on the clip connect to the 5 terminals on the back of the watch. When connected correctly the watch face will read: "USB D/L".
  4. Locate the download file that you have saved on your computer and double-click on the .EXE file. Some computers will not automatically unzip the zip file and you will need to do this manually either using Windows or a free program such as winzip ( Once the files are extracted you will be able to locate the .EXE file to double-click on.
  5. Once the program opens, select you team (based on the 3 digit city code) and click on the DOWNLOAD button. This process will take only about 15 seconds during which your watch face will read UP DATE. Once completed, the program on your computer will state "Download Complete". You may now disconnect your watch from the clip. The schedule is now loaded on your watch.

We are sorry but we are no longer able to support the schedule downloads any longer. There will be no schedules for MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL or college teams any longer.



Click on this link to download instructions for operating your schedule watch.

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